Goshen post elementary pta

A local unit of the National Parent Teacher Association

LCPS Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee (MSAAC)

Goshen Post’s representatives are Dara Logan and Neenu Sharma

Update from February 2024:

Please see below for notes from the recent February LCPS MSAAC meeting:

  • Approaches to Responding to Hate Speech in Schools
  • LCPS Instructional Framework
  • Meeting topic, “You Are Welcome Here”
  • MSAAC student (high school) delegates joined the meeting for the first time.
  • MSAAC Delegate Tonia Bledsoe shared her experience as an MSAAC Delegate and cited the wealth of information provided at MSAAC meetings that she otherwise would not know. Also discussed utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) for tutoring and writing letters to teachers. Encouraged busy parents to not be afraid and find a way to utilize AI to best serve them.
  • Jennifer Miller, Supervisor Professional Learning shared information about the committee formed to create an Instructional Framework. Please see the attached document for additional information and to provide feedback.
  • Shahid Muhammad, Supervisor Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility along with his team shared an update on work their office is doing including an update on LCPS cases involving hate speech and a resource (attached) for responding to hate speech in school.

The next MSAAC meeting will be Wednesday, March 20th from 6-8pm at the LCPS Administration Building, 21000 Education Ct., Ashburn.

The Loudoun Education Alliance of Families (LEAF)

Goshen Post’s representative is Doug Morford

Update from November 2023:

We had our monthly LEAF meeting today and the main topic was substance use and fentanyl. As we see another suspected overdose in our email this evening, I wanted to share a couple things from the presentation found HERE:

  1. Most notable for elementary is things like THC edibles. The Cocoa Pebblez below can easily be mistaken for the real thing. There is a high risk of overdose as a kid could easily eat a lot. See slide 17.
  2. Fentanyl - I know, we're in elementary school, but awareness and parent/kid discussions are crucial. Many fentanyl overdoses occur by accident and routinely by kids taking a drug for the first time. Think of a middle schooler overwhelmed with a lot of work. A friend says 'this Adderall will help you focus. I do it all the time'. Then the worst happens. Slides 19-20.

Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

Goshen Post’s representative is Aeysha Qamar

Update for November 2023 SEAC meeting:

November SEAC meeting topic was a presentation on "All in VA Plan" This plan is based on three principles Attendance, Literacy and Learning. The plan is a proposal for students to be offered tutoring sessions to support learning and improve SOL assessment performance from grades 3-8. A highlight for a state funded budget allocation for tutoring can be found on slide number 6 of the SEAC presentation.

VDOE has proposed a criterion for students who can be eligible for in school tutoring services from grade 3 to grade 8 for reading and math of which details can be found on slide 7-9.

The presentation further discusses ways in which LCPS will plan to handle high dosage tutoring along with the benefits and challenges of the proposed tutoring model. Schools are currently developing a model that works for them. This can include tutoring before, during and after school hours as well as summer school support/ ESY.

A link has been provided on slide 14 which encourages all parents and providers to share their feedback for the LCPS all in VA plan to SEAC.

Details for the Specialized Reading and Math Work Sessions can be found on slide 64 for Quarter 3, March 18, 9:00-10:00AM and Quarter 4, May 13, 9:00-10:00AM. These work sessions are held in the LCPS Education Building, all are welcome and encouraged to attend.

For further information, parent resource services details have been provided below:

Loudoun County Public School, Douglass School 407 E. Market Street, Leesburg, VA 20176


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